7 Reasons why Pakistan can win T20 WC 2014


The fifth edition of World Cup T20 will start on 21st March with the match the fans of the cricket world wants the most i.e. Pakistan vs India. Both are the former world champions in this format and both have similar chemistry. Pakistan‘s group is the tougher group as three of its team have been the champions i.e. India, Pakistan and West Indies. But still Pakistani team looks very much capable of winning the tournament. Here are the few reasons why Pakistan can win this to become the first ever two times World Champion.

7. Muhammad Hafeez:

The guy who is the best all rounder of the format right now will captain the team as well. He is a very consistent bowler of the Pakistani team. He usually bat on number three and has a pretty decent record at this number. And the biggest thing that will go in his favor is the fact that he is the best and most consistent batsman of Pakistani team on flat tracks. All he need is flat track, short boundary and mediocre bowling line up. He can’t ask for anything better as in Bangladesh he will get almost what he wants so expect a good showdown from Hafeez. (Hope he don’t drop catches there)

6. Ahmed Shahzad:

He is the man who needs no form. He is the Mr. Consistent for Pakistan. With his ability to pace up innings at any time and his ability to anchor the innings at a good pace he can be extremely dangerous for the opponents. Although the format doesn’t matter to him and he has solidified himself all the versions of the game but when it comes to T20, he is at his best. He was the top scorer in the T20s last year. So he will be a great asset in the T20 World Cup.
T20 is the game of fours and sixes. It is a game in which every batsman wants to throw every ball out of the park and the crowd wants every ball to be thrown out of the park. With shorter boundaries, there will definitely be high scoring matches. That will go in the favor of Pakistan in either way. Pakistan have only lost once while defending a 150 plus target which depicts that it won’t be tough for the bowlers to defend the target if batsmen have put on a high total.


Pakistan is full of the talent who use more power than brain while playing the game of cricket and T20 is all about displaying the power. Pakistan has the best power hitters in the world. Sharjeel Khan is a guy who can throw a ball out of the park even without moving his feet an inch. Umar Akmal is another immensely talented guy who never gets out of shots and has the ability to hit almost any shot. Sohail Tanveer in the later part of the innings can be a bit difficult to deal with as he has shown it in the t20 game against Sri Lanka.


Saeed Ajmal is the best bowler in the world right now. No matter what time of the innings is or what format it is, he is always accurate and consistent. He can help in restricting and defending target. In depth overs, he is as good in the start overs. Opponents just can’t win a match without playing him better.


The man who has featured in most T20 internationals Shahid Afridi is a major plus for Pakistan. He is the man who taught the world how to play fast cricket a decade before the invention of this fast format. He is among the leading wicket takers in the T20s. With the bat, he is the world’s biggest hitter and most dangerous batsman in the world. Even a mishit of Afridi can go for six. If you don’t believe me, ask India. And when it comes to bigger stage, he becomes better and more dangerous. He was the player of the tournament in the first edition of the world cup and was the man of the match in the semi final and final of the next cup which Pakistan won.


The biggest factor in the tournaments will be the players of 20 crore people who look forward to these players for bringing some positive in the country. The prayers of these people will InshaAllah bring the positive result. We hope that our players will bring it home for Pakistan. Go greens!